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Innovative Gum Treatments

Periodontal Antibiotics


At Morningside Dental Care, we offer a wide array of periodontal treatments and therapies. We customize treatment based on your specific health needs. One such periodontal treatment is the use of antibiotics in deep pockets. In order to ensure a healthy mouth as well as overall health, the gum tissue that encircles each tooth must be healthy and free from infection (by harmful bacteria). When this gum tissue becomes infected by harmful bacteria, the attachment of the gum tissue to the tooth gets destroyed. This results in a deep pocket around the tooth where even more harmful bacteria can grow and cause even more damage. If you have deep pockets around your teeth, periodontal antibiotics may be the best option for curing this infection.


A Morningside Dental Care hygienist carefully and strategically places periodontal antibiotics (like Arestin) in your gum pockets. These antibiotics fix (glue) themselves to the tissue lining the pocket, and through time-release technology, release the antibiotic to kill the bacteria. These antibiotics are steadily released for 21 days to ensure destruction of all of the bacteria.


Once the bacteria are eliminated, the inside of the deep pocket becomes a healthy environment — one in which your body can begin the healing process.

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